Simeon Sigg


EP 2O15

CRISTALLIN schreibt Songs so weich, dass man sich für immer in sie hineinlegen möchte. Nach den einlullenden Singles «Light» oder «Panta Rei» präsentiert er nun seine EP «Core» und strickt darauf aus vier Songs einen fliegenden Teppich. - irascible

Inspired by his trips through Scandinavia, Swiss artist Simeon Sigg creates his very own world by channeling his visions into art, equally beautiful and mysterious as the northern landscapes themselves. Under the moniker Cristallin, he produces music and videos in a DIY manner and releases them independently.
In 2O13, Cristallin released his debut EP ‚eon‘, featuring his first internationally succesful single ,light’, with which he also won M4Music Demotape Of The Year Pop. On his debut, Cristallin explored the possibilities of naive self-produced music. Delivering melodious and dreamy pop, he combined waves of gentle sounds with electronic beats.
Following up on his debut EP, Cristallin released his second EP ,core’ (2O15), taking his singular musical and visual style further. The EP’s streaming success lead to Cristallin performing more shows, now backed up by a live band.



21.O3 Kiff Aarau

11.O4 Theater Vogelsang Altdorf

16.O4 La Catrina Zürich

24.O4 Stall 6 Zürich

3O.O4 Rössli Bern

23.O4 Fri-Son Fribourg

O9.O5 Südpol Luzern

12.O5 w Portico Alte Feuerwache Mannheim DE

13.O5 w Portico Leipzig DE

14.O5 w Portico Köln DE

15.O5 w Portico Basel

12.O6 Imagine Festival Basel

26.O6 Openair St.Gallen

O3.O7 Openair Wettingen

2O.O7 Openair Gurten

22.O8 For Noise Festival Lausanne

28.O8 Hofstatt Festival Brugg

O4.O9 Bogen F Zürich

O9.O9 Lady Bar Basel

26.O9 Planet BFH Bern

O3.1O Diogenes Theater Altstätten

1O.1O Werkk Baden

13.1O L’Amalgame Yverdon-les-Bains

11.11 Salzhaus Winterthur

O2.12 Papiersaal Zürich

17.12 Kauz Zürich


31.O1 OOAM Baden

O1.O3 Papiersaal Zürich

17.O3 Zukunft Zürich

16.O4 Play Engadin Corvatsch

28.O4 Festival UNILIVE Lausanne

14.O5 Sur le lac en Ville St.Gallen

26.O5 w Porches La Romandie Lausanne

27.O5 w Porches Klaus Zürich

O2.O7 HillChill Basel

O3.O7 Zürich Fest EWZ Zürich


O5.O8 Stadtsommer Zürich